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Communication and Leadership (spring 2016)
This past semester (spring of 2016) I had the privilege of taking and participating in a communication and leadership seminar specifically targeted at majors within DAAP. We practiced public speaking, perfected the art of the elevator pitch, investigated cover letters,  explored how the way we dress affects how we are pre-saved, and practiced formal dinner etiquette and toast making.
I found how difficult it can be to communicate exactly what you mean to convey in a simple elegant way in a public speaking setting. This is especially true when trying to sound sincere and authentic, not like a scripted robot. This spurred me to develop my own system of notes for presentations short of a script but more than just bullet points.
Throughout the course this importance of concise communication held true. I was able to directly apply this concept to my studio critiques to better convey the my designs and the processes I took to achieve them.

Bellow is a sample of the notes I developed for my elevator speech. I designed it so that I had more substantial prompts for each talking point with strong concise phrases but more flexibility than a prewritten script. I did this so that I could retain more authenticity and sincerity in what I say than just reading a script.
Elevator Pitch
Ben Hoffman
Name: Ben Hoffman
   Age: 18
   From: Columbus, Ohio
First year studying Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati school of Design Art Architecture and Planning (DAAP)
   Industrial design is the process of creating objects and processes that people use, from cars to furniture
I intend to focus on product design

I have a wide range of interest:
I joke that I can speak geek in just about every nerdy thing there is to geek out about
I am incredibly curious so when I find something that interests me I try to learn all that I can about it
   From music to photography, rock climbing to computer science
I am driven by finding connections among things -I have found that everything is connected and related
   understanding of how cameras work can help me draw a better picture
   color grading a video can help me understand how to properly mix a song

This is why I chose ID:
I discovered ID visiting a consulting firm with my school
I like learning new things and problem solving
Naturally I like the idea of working in consulting and being continually challenged to solve new problems

Currently In addition to my school work I am a cofounder in a business venture called eVolve through Bearcat Launchpad with students from varying majors
   We are creating a wearable with a companion mobile app that will act as a unifying interface for the internet of things

Continue pursuing my interests
I plan on minoring in philosophy
Continue a personal project in design and building a guitar for my portfolio

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